Our Ancestors

Listed on this page are the patriot ancestors of the current members of Colorado Chapter NSDAR. Revolutionary War patriots include signers of the Declaration of Independence, members of local and state militias, members of the Continental Army or Continental Navy, men and women who rendered other types of aid to the cause of independence, and those taking oaths of loyalty. Other included patriots are foreign soldiers who served the cause of American independence and Spanish soldiers serving in the Presidios at Santa Fe, El Paso, and New Orleans. With a few exceptions, military service began with the Battle of Lexington (19 April 1775) and ended when the British evacuated New York (26 November 1783). Patriots may have also provided civil service, conducting public business in the newly formed American states.

If you have information that one of your ancestors may have aided the cause of freedom during the American Revolution, we may be able to help you establish your genealogical line for DAR membership. If you are interested in documenting your lineage and joining our chapter, or have any questions, please visit our Membership page.

Patriot Name 

Patriot Rank

Patriot States Served

Enoch Abel Lieutenant MD
George Abel Patriotic Service MD
Matthew Adams Private NJ
Matthew Adams Private NJ
Philip Albert Soldier MD
Israel Alden Private MA
James Alexander Sr Private MD
Henry Allen Private VT
Henry Allen Private VT
Henry Allen Private VT
David S Allen Private PA NY
Moses Allen Sargeant VA
John Anderson Captain, Civil Service VA
William Clark Anderson Private MD
John Anderson Sargeant NH
Israel Angell Colonel RI
Phineas Ayer Private NJ
Ichabod Babcock Soldier RI
Ichabod Babcock Soldier RI
Adam Baird Captain, Civil Service NC
Mattice Ball Private NY
Richard Ballinger Patriotic Service VA
Adam Bantz Patriotic Service MD
Matthias Barringer Captain, Patriotic Service NC
Andrew Bartholomew Lieutenant CT
Joseph Bartholomew Sr Patriotic Service CT
Richard Barton Private RI
Thomas Bedford Sr Civil Service, Patriotic Service VA
Zera Beebe Patriotic Service CT
Edmund Bellinger Sr Civil Service, Patriotic Service SC
Abraham Benedict Sargeant CT
George Biner Private VA
James Bingham Soldier, Patriotic Service SC
Benjamin Blodgett Private MA
Shadrack Boas Patriotic Service VA
Oliver Booth Sr Patriotic Service NH
Gustavus Boswell Private, Patriotic Service MD
Michel Bourg Corporal MA
John Boyce Patriotic Service MA
Michael Bright Jr Civil Service, Patriotic Service PA
Michael Bright Sr Patriotic Service PA
Seba Bronson Patriotic Service CT
Luman Bronson Private CT
Middleton Brooks Private VA
John Bryan Sr Patriotic Service VA
John Bryan Jr Private VA
Simeon Burdick Private, Patriotic Service RI
Stephen Burdick Private, Patriotic Service RI
Nathaniel Burr Sr Patriotic Service CT
Thomas Burroughs Patriotic Service VA
James Calder Private MA
James Campbell Lieutenant MA
Robert Campbell Private, Patriotic Service NC
John Carmack  Sr Civil Service VA
John Carpenter Private CT
Joseph Carter Patriotic Service VA
Peter Carter Sr Patriotic Service VA
Povall Carter Private VA
Joseph Cary Patriotic Service MA
David Chambers Colonel NJ
Jonathan Chandler Private MA
Jonathan Chandler Private MA
George Charley Private VA
Jacob Charlton Private VA
Timothy Childs Sr Captain MA
Eliphaz Childs Private MA
John Chiles Captain VA
Casper Clement Lieutenant VA
Jonathan Clement Patriotic Service NH
Samuel Cook Doctor NY CT
John Cowles Sr Captain MA
John Cowles Sr Captain MA
Conrad Cregar Patriotic Service MD
Robert Creigh Sr Patriotic Service PA
Robert Creigh Jr Private, Patriotic Service PA
Thomas Creighton Lieutenant SC
William Crutchlow Private PA
Israel Davis Captain MA
Thomas Dawson Private VA
Samuel Demarest Patriotic Service PA
Jeremiah Dial Private SC
Casper Elias Diller Patriotic Service PA
Ephraim Dilley Private NJ
James Doty Private MA
James Doty Private MA
John Duncan Sr Captain, Civil Service, Patriotic Service VA
Elinor Duncan Patriotic Service VA
Elizabeth Duncan Patriotic Service VA
John Duncan Jr Patriotic Service VA
Joseph Duncan Patriotic Service VA
James Dunn Private VA
William Dunnington Sr Patriotic Service MD
Zachariah Dutton Private MD
Abraham Eaglestone Patriotic Service MD
Barnard Eddy Jr Captain RI
Aaron Elliott Patriotic Service MA
Jesse Elwell Private MA
Jesse Elwell Private MA
Michael Everman Patriotic Service VA
Richard Falley Lieutenant MA
Richard Falley Lieutenant MA
Henry Fansler Private PA
Oliver Farnsworth Civil Service, Patriotic Service VT
Manassah Farnsworth Private MA
John Faulkner Soldier VA
David Field Colonel, Civil Service, Patriotic Service MA
Abner   Field Major RI
William Field Patriotic Service RI
Isaac Finch Soldier CT
Antoine Folts Patriotic Service LA
John Ford Private VA
Jacob Forney Sr Patriotic Service NC
Thomas Foster Private VA
John Francis Private MD
John Francis Private MD
John Francis Private MD
John Frank Private, Patriotic Service NC
Michael Fulmer Patriotic Service PA
John Garrett Sr Major CT
John Garrett Sr Major CT
John Garrett Sr Major CT
Leonard Garrison Private, Patriotic Service PA
Jonathan Gates Captain MA
John Gilbert Sargeant MA
Samuel Gilliland Civil Service VA
Alexander Gilliland Civil Service, Patriotic Service NC
Joseph Goodwin Minute Man CT
Benjamin Green Private VA
William Griffith Private MD
Christian Gundy Patriotic Service PA
David Hamilton Soldier, Patriotic Service SC
Robert Harper Private MA
Daniel Harris Private VA
Daniel Harris Private VA
Garrett Harsin Soldier, Sailer NY
Nehemiah Hart Sr Patriotic Service NY
Elias Haskell Corporal MA
Elias Haskell Corporal MA
George Haver Captain NJ
Robert Heap Patriotic Service MD
Archibald Heap Private MD
William Hedges Sr Patriotic Service NY
Ebenezer Hewins Lieutenant MA
Truman Hickok Private CT
Truman Hickok Private CT
Samuel Hicks Private MA
Nathaniel Hodgkins Private CT
Edmund Holmes Jr Patriotic Service VA
Edmund Holmes Sr Patriotic Service VA
James G. Hooker Private VA
Archibald Hopkins Patriotic Service VA
Archibald Hopkins Patriotic Service VA
Isaiah Hopkins Sargeant NY
William Horney Patriotic Service NC
Gideon Hotchkiss Civil Service, Patriotic Service CT
Thomas Cornelius Howard Ensign MD
Joseph Hoyt Captain NH
John Hoyt Private NH
Gabriel Hughes Private VA
Daniel Hull Sr Lieutenant NY
Daniel Hurd Sargeant VT
Strangeman Hutchins Patriotic Service VA
Michael Israel Soldier, Civil Service NC
Elijah Ivey Private SC
Samuel Jackson Private NJ
Samuel Jackson Private NJ
Samuel Jackson Private NJ
Ephraim Jackson Private CT
David Jackson Private PA
Jotham Jayne Private, Patriotic Service NY
Joseph Johnson Patriotic Service CT
William Jones Patriotic Service VA
Amos Jones Private MD
Noble Keith Patriotic Service PA
William Keith Patriotic Service PA
Preserved Kellogg Private VT
David Kettell Private NY
Thomas Kinney Private CT
Thomas Kinney Private CT
Sebastian Bostian Kline Patriotic Service NC
John Knox Civil Service, Patriotic Service MA
Michael Koiner Patriotic Service PA
Moses Lambeth Private NC
Hugh Lawson Captain GA
Roger Lawson Civil Service, Patriotic Service GA
John Leib Private PA
Moses Leland Private MA
Alexander Lemon Patriotic Service VA
John Michael Lightner Non-Commissioned Officer PA
Zenas Lindley Private, Patriotic Service PA
Anthony Lindsey Lieutenant, Patriotic Service MD
Alexander Lowrey Colonel, Patriotic Service PA
Jacob Lutz Soldier NC
Jonathan Leavitt Magoon Private NH
Moses Marsh Patriotic Service VT
John Martin Lieutenant, Patriotic Service VA
David Matthews Private MA
William Matthews Private MD
Nehemiah May Captain, Civil Service, Patriotic Service MA
Francis Mccorkle Captain, Civil Service, Patriotic Service NC
John Mccorkle Patriotic Service VA
James Mclaughlin Private VA
Thomas Mclaughlin Private VA NC
Daniel Mcmillan Private SC
Francis Mcshane Civil Service NJ
Ebenezer Mead Private CT
Joshua Millard Civil Service CT
John Mills Private PA
Thomas Mills Private, Patriotic Service VA PA
Clement Miner Lieutenant CT
Daniel Miner Private CT
Nathan Morris Private NC
William Morris Private NC
John Mowry Private RI
Peter Newcomer Soldier MD
Matthew Newkirk Lieutenant NJ
John Noffsinger Private PA
John Noffsinger Private PA
John Noffsinger Private PA
Ebenezer Norton Sr Lieutenant Colonel, Patriotic Service CT
Solomon Orcutt Lieutenant, Patriotic Service CT
John Paine Civil Service RI
Gershom Palmer Ensign, Civil Service VT
Asa Parker Corporal MA
Andress Parker Staff of Patriotic Service NY
Joseph Pawling Civil Service NJ
Jeremiah Pearson Soldier SC
Solomon Peck Private MA
Aaron Perry Civil Service, Patriotic Service MA
George Plummer Private, Patriotic Service PA
Thomas Poage Patriotic Service VA
John Prather Patriotic Service MD
Thomas Prather Patriotic Service NC
Gideon Pratt Private CT
Gideon Pratt Private CT
Jeremiah Prescott Patriotic Service NH
William Prestwood Captain, Civil Service, Patriotic Service SC
Jonathan Prestwood Sargeant SC
Ephraim Purcell Soldier SC
Ralph Pyle Private, Patriotic Service MD
John Reed Patriotic Service PA
Winthrop Reynolds Soldier NH
Martin Riser Soldier, Patriotic Service VA
John Roane Corporal MD
Thomas Ross Private PA
Jonathan Rowell Soldier VT
Peter Sargent Sr Patriotic Service NH
Joseph Scarborough Patriotic Service MD
Euclidus Scarborough Private MD
John Scarborough Soldier MD
John Sharp Sr Soldier VA
Spencer Shelton Captain VA
George Slagle Non-Commissioned Officer PA
Jacob Slagle Patriotic Service PA
Thomas Slay Sargeant, Civil Service NC
Thomas Slay Sargeant, Civil Service NC
Samuel Snow Private MA
William Spalding Corporal MA
Moses Stanford Private MA
Moses Stanford Private MA
Daniel Stivers Private NJ
David Sutherland Colonel NY
Martin Swigert Private, Patriotic Service PA
Martin Swigert Private, Patriotic Service PA
James Tenney Private MA
Adam Terrell Lieutenant NJ
Isaiah Tillson Non-Commissioned Officer MA
Joseph Timberlake Private VA
Nathaniel Tobey Private MA
John Toffey Private NY
Caleb Trowbridge Captain, Patriotic Service CT
Samuel Tuttle Private CT
Garret Van Arsdale Private PA
Jacob Van Winkle Lieutenant NJ
Daniel Vaughan Patriotic Service CT
Jesse Vaughan Patriotic Service CT
John Villers Private, Patriotic Service PA
John Vivian Patriotic Service VA
Michael Vreeland Private NJ
Edward Ware Lieutenant VA
William Webb Captain MD
John Westcott Ensign RI
Moses Wheeler Patriotic Service NH
Benjamin Whiting Private CT
Benjamin Whiting Private CT
James Whittemore Lieutenant MA
George Wilfong Major, Patriotic Service NC
William Willett Patriotic Service NJ
Samuel Williams Sargeant MA
John Willis Captain, Patriotic Service NC
Eliphalet Woodward Private NH
Asa Miller Wyman Private MA
Asa Miller Wyman Private MA
Asa Miller Wyman Private MA
Asa Miller Wyman Private MA
Robert Young Patriotic Service NC
Timothy Younglove Lieutenant MA
as of August 3, 2019