What We Do

Our meetings are fun!  Some of our past meeting topics include:

  • Native Americans in the Military
  • Arnold Barn Preservation in Routt County
  • Service Dogs for Veterans
  • The Life of Silas Soule
  • Pachyderms and Friends

Most of the significant work of the NSDAR is done at the grassroots level through individual chapters and members of the Colorado Chapter NSDAR are delighted to join the other 45 chapters in Colorado, the state DAR, and National Society in service to our communities. Each chapter has its own programs and initiatives based on the DAR’s mission and guidance from the state and national leadership. Our committees are the base of our chapter’s involvement in our communities; giving our members opportunities to serve DAR objectives that are most valuable to each person.

  • Our chapter takes an active part in supporting active duty military as well as veterans.  We donated food, clothing, gifts, furniture and books worth a total of almost $14,000 to veterans served through the VA and the Volunteers of America Veteran Services Center.
  • We have raised over $5,000 so far for Freedom Service Dogs to assist veterans who need special assistance in reentering life after the military.
  • We donated 1,125 copies of the Preamble, 500 copies of the Bill of Rights, 50 Flag Care instruction booklets, 125 copies of the Constitution, and 100 copies of the Declaration of Independence to schools, the Boy Scouts and libraries.
  • With the addition of the new committee, Community Classroom, the Colorado Chapter NSDAR continues to support literacy and community classrooms at several schools
  • We maintain a scholarship program at the University of Denver for undergraduate women and have launched an initiative for a scholarship for a female American Indian student..
  • We donated 785 flags used at 4th of July parades and new citizen naturalization services.
  • We sponsored a $1500 special grant proposal that was awarded to the Kate Adamson Conservation Foundation to provide books and activities to children of deploying military.
  • We awarded a DAR Good Citizens Award; our Christopher Columbus Essay Contest winner went on to win at the State level; and our Women’s Issues: Family Essay Contest entry won at the National level.
  • We have sponsored a winning proposal for a $10,000 NSDAR grant to Historic Routt County to transform the old Crossan’s Market in Yampa, CO into a Town Hall.  Our chapter supported the Arnold Barn project in Steamboat Springs, CO which is turning the dilapidated barn into a tool for teaching.
  • Chapter volunteers attend the monthly naturalization ceremony where they welcome new citizens.
  • In 2017, our members donated over 12,733 hours of community volunteer service through the national “Service to America!” initiative.

Looking Ahead

Our Regent’s Project will continue to focus on services for veterans, active military, and their families.  We will continue to raise funds for the Freedom Service Dogs.

We will also support programs for the Volunteers of America Services to veterans and families and Project Patriot.  We will continue our active engagement in service projects for our schools, naturalization ceremonies, Native American affairs, conservation, literacy, American history, genealogy, women’s issues, scholarship, leadership and others.

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